Live Made this during a turbulent flight on a dying computer – much less involved than I’d like but I enjoyed playing with envmaps. Click to change. [everyday 061417]

Lewd Psychedelica

More realtime vertex displacement. However small the animated values, for a true fluidity, shaders seem to be the only way. Back to shader work soon. [everyday 061317]

Any Port in a Storm

  Weird artifacts that I kinda liked although they may spoil the calm of the scene. [everyday 06/12/17]

Battlezone vibes

  Inspired by a visit to the LCM and toying with some C64s. Live here Controls: WASD + space Had enough time to implement: terrain, background, stars, movement, shooting Not enough time: enemies, game, raycasting, collisions, the rest of it. I love vertex deformation!   [everyday 061017]

Flying Islets

Was going for a more interesting thing and ran out of time. Happens w/#everydays.   [everyday 06/09/17]

Volumetric Light

Volumetric light in blender. Low rez, high filesize, less than ideal – but volumetric light is always nifty.   [everyday 6/7/17]

Pythagorean Harmony Explorer

In preperation for a (physical) musical project, I made a small Pyhagorean harmony generator / explorer in p5.js. 2D work was refreshing, but some of the affordances of p5.sound were less than amazing; I needed to use a third party music lib to quickly equate between midi values, note values and frequencies. I particularly enjoyed implement a […]