Category: Animation

Lewd Psychedelica

More realtime vertex displacement. However small the animated values, for a true fluidity, shaders seem to be the only way. Back to shader work soon. [everyday 061317]

Any Port in a Storm

  Weird artifacts that I kinda liked although they may spoil the calm of the scene. [everyday 06/12/17]

Flying Islets

Was going for a more interesting thing and ran out of time. Happens w/#everydays.   [everyday 06/09/17]

Volumetric Light

Volumetric light in blender. Low rez, high filesize, less than ideal – but volumetric light is always nifty.   [everyday 6/7/17]

Object Pooling in Three.js

A rough-and-dirty implementation of object pooling, a technique very common in game dev and proc gen. First learned about it in a Unity context, since then found out it’s quite universal and for good measure. In this implementation you’re going down an endless grid with randomly generated object. The grid is infinitely generated ahead of you […]

Bass Jumper

  Had a lovely time working on (CGAJam)[https://itch.io/jam/cga-jam] with friends. I did mainly art, no code, which is definitely a new thing for me. Had a great time. 4 colors are incredibly limiting and inspiring. I hope we finish it – fun mechanic and wonderful throwback art. [Repo here](https://github.com/swiftcoder/cgajam2017/blob/master/README.md).