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going nuclear

Well, this escalated quickly. Trying to get more interesting worldspace-based effects happening (basically, a ripple would be nice) but until then, these unforeseen behemoths sure are interesting. The hotshot line is: ico.geometry.vertices[i] += Math.sin(clock.getElapsedTime() * ico.geometry.vertices[i]) / 2; (for all axes individually) [everyday 5/28/17]


  This may be my favorite #everyday yet. fractalicio.us generates a unique fractal tree on each visit. Aesthetically the concept was “a modest, decorative plant in some aesthetically-minded AI’s apartment”. Live: I’ve used the threeJS boilerplate I made yesterday, thus already putting it to good use. Programming fractals was the hard part (no duh) but tweaking endlessly to allow […]

En Marche!

  Still imperfect looping but getting closer. [Everyday 5/8/17]


Perhaps eventually part of something bigger. Listened to this song in repeat while working on this and it sort of syncs up. via GIPHY

[3D MODEL] Nebula Chic

Added nebula spacesphere, ind. rock rotations (they’re really bugging Sketchfab, might have to drop them) Ivory Tower WIP #3 by mhazani on Sketchfab