[POST] week 7: Processing (part 1, prob)

This week marks my first serious excursion into Processing. I’ve been tinkering with it for about two years but the creative coding course I mentioned in a previous post is a great opportunity to take my Processing chops to the next level.

[POST/UNITY]: 6: Lighthouse Island

For this week, I took a break from the Udacity NanoDegree and built a small lighthouse island in Unity.  This is the world I made (spoiler alert follows, I guess, if you’d rather explore it yourself): You’re on an Island. On the island are a lighthouse and a piano. You can activate the lighthouse if […]

[POST] 5: Portfolio

Week 5 has been emphatically and purposefully craft-oriented and un-artistic, although I still made things, and am still publishing them. I’m making some good headway in Udacity’s FEND and am learning new tricks and useful information about things I *thought* I’d known. It’s a really great foundation, and even though there’s some frustration in the fact […]

[POST/WEBGL] 4: Leaptraveler

Project #4, Leaptraveler, was in a way long overdue: a basic exploration of the Leap Motion’s abilities. I’ve had the IR motion-capturing unit for longer than I care to admit and have played around with existing games and demos plenty, but have never gotten around to exploring it properly.

[POST/WEBGL] 3: Tweetcloud

Week 3! This one was a doozy.   Tweecloud (github) is a webapp that molds keyword-filtered tweets from the Twitter API into an amorphous, moving cloud. (It looks better than it sounds).

[POST/WEBGL] 2: Affected

This week I worked on a basic implementation of webAudio with Three.js visualization to boot. I called it affected.

[POST/WEBGL] 1: Skysheets

The first project is something I’ve been meaning to make for a while.     It features some of my favorite elements of building with 1s and 0s, namely: 3d graphics and realtime data scraping/processing. Skysheets uses the WeatherUnderground (free and publicly available) API to generate 4-day forecast based on a given zipcode, then utilizes the […]


I am thirty years and six days old. I have much, and I produce very little. I am cocooned in the conceits of comfortable living; Always aspiring, rarely attaining. Always dreaming, rarely realizing. Always planning, rarely seeing through. This needs to change.

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